Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012 Opening Moves

Washington has committed two of this brigades to reduce the small garrison of light infantry int he Chew House.  In the early exchanges of fire, the Light Infantry took a hit, but the stone walls of their makeshift fort are allowing them to buy time for Cornwallis' elite brigade to respond to the sound of the guns.


The remainder of the Continental line is forming to the east side of the woods in the center of the table.  This puts a large, challenging terrain feature between the two forces.  Will there be a rumble in the jungle, or will one army be able to race around the woods to catch the enemy in the flank?

After three moves, the British army found how frustrating the dice can be.  After the first two turns, only one brigade moved out of its starting position.  However, on turn three, some quality moves got the Brits off and running.  They seem to be concentrating most of their forces in the Wissahickon Valley and in the wooded area in the east bank.  Will they be able to deliver a knockout punch, or will the Colonials outmaneuver them?

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