Thursday, October 25, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012 The dice are cast

Tension builds as both armies finish their dance and commit to a strategy (come to think of it, forcing the teams to commit to a fifteen minute planning session before troops were deployed would have been helpful.  Oh, well.  More fun for me this way).

The massed Continental charge finally drives the battered light infantry out of the Chew House.  They had done their job, though, giving the grenadiers and Highlanders time to advance to the scene.  The militia opposing the British elites made a good showing of themselves, but quality started to show as the leading militia unit routed off the board, and the second is starting to have its line wear thin.  The Highlanders are taking their lumps as well, and it will be a test of endurance and will to see who holds the Germantown Pike. 

Meanwhile, over by the wood, both sides commit to mass their troops.  The Continental army masses three brigades in what looks for all the world like a French attack column.  I've been dropping hints to deploy a regiment or two from the rear to add firepower, but none have been willing to abandon the maneuverability the big columns provide.  Since I'm not using rules for penetration into dense formations, it's not a bad call on their part.  After reading Clausewitz and studying the Battle of Brandywine, they have the importance of not committing everything at once drilled into their heads.  Here, you can see a sea of red sweeping around the east side of the woods.  Should be fun in the next couple of turns.

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