Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012 Things start heating up

Best line of the day: Male British general: "Should I move left or right?"  Female British General: "I think you need to come over here and touch!  wait!  I didn't mean that!"

Two bulk of the two armies continue their slow dance around the central forest.  They are creeping closer to each other, and units have moved to within long artillery range.  No serious hits so far, but the poo poo may hit the fan in a turn or two.  The problem with Black Powder rules is that it is difficult to launch a coordinated multi-brigade attack.  Neither force is willing to send in their troops piecemeal, so the dance continues...

 On the eastern flank, some crack shooting by the NY Militia devastated the troops holding the Chew House.  Washington then committed his best troops to charge the shaken British light infantry.  Despite three regiments being committed, the charge did little more than clear the house for a few moments before the Brits were able to reinforce it.  Meanwhile, the British elites have moved to within musket range of the militia.  Shots have been traded, and as expected, the militia caught the worst of it, but they are far from out of it.  Perhaps superior numbers can make a difference.
 The map at the end of turn 5.

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