Monday, October 22, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012, A Class Project

It's time for my annual miniatures game  interactive learning experience with the students in my Military History class.  This year, I'm using a new board, new miniatures (the 6mm troops are gone.  Enter the 15mm bad boys. See the Continental Army here and the British Army here.)

Here is General Howe surrounded by his subordinate commanders.  Note that the Brits oped for a strong central position.  It might give them flexibility in responding to an American attack, but a coordinated assault could leave them paralyzed.

And here is General Washington standing bravely behind his brigade commanders.  The Yanks have foregone the simple approach up the Germantown Pike and the ill-fated thrust down the west bank of the Wissahickon in favor of a two-pronged attack.  the woods in the center of the board are already proving to be an obstacle.  We got through one round of American moves.  With some crummy rolling, one brigade surged forward to the Chew House, one crept down the eastern flank of the woods, and the other three stayed put.  Will history repeat itself?

Tomorrow, the shooting begins!  Will the Chew House prove to be pivotal this time around?

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