Monday, October 8, 2012

Mogadishu in 15mm

I recently picked up a copy of Force on Force with an eye towards gaming a "Black Hawk Down" scenario.  I've already made a bunch of foamcore buildings, and I like the fact that most scenarios are played on a 2x2 board.

I finished up my first batch of US and Somali infantry.  The manufacturers are Peter Pig and Rebel Minis.  They scale nicely together, although the Peter Pig civilians look waifish next to the combatants. No wonder the UN needs to get food aid into Somalia!

I recently read a tip on TMP to indicate support weapons with a green tuft.  I was all too happy to rip off this idea.  Furthermore, I indicated squad leaders with white pebbles.  Let's call it "bookless bookkeeping."

The colors in the US camouflage came out well, but I would have preferred a more faded look.  Maybe I should leave them in direct sunlight for a few hours.

The civilian figures range from "people just standing around" to "angry rioters with chainsaws and looted televisions."  Put enough on a base, and you have a party!

Next up, more buildings and a few test vehicles.

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