Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ambler Gamers: Tomahawk Action

Tonight's game was a Bolt Action variant set in the French and Indian War.  Some French regulars and their Native American allies staged an attack on a British outpost held by some rangers.  Could the regulars arrive in time to relieve them?

Steve finds his Rangers quickly outnumbered by the French on the left and my Indians in the woods.  I had a lot of troops, but I had to decide whether to help swarm the objective or hold off the approaching reinforcements.

I sent a small detachment to delay the British regulars.  They served as an effective speed bump but few of my brave braves were able to walk away from the intense volley fire they received.

To my left, Steve Pilch kept the pressure on Steve Turn's Rangers, eventually maneuvering into a position where they could rush the defenders.

As always with any new rules or variants, tweaks suggested themselves. My Indians proved to be particularly deadly, with firepower roughly equal to that of trained Europeans. With some good rolls on my part, this particular unit decimated some British militia and grenadiers.  Next time, we'll halve the number of dice the Indians get for shooting, and give them some other advantage to compensate.  On the whole, though, the Bolt Action mechanics worked well for this 18th Century North American small unit game.