Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Historicon report: Saturday

Alas, a last day at Historicon. I played in two games, helped to referee another, and saw lots of miniature eye-candy.

This is only half of a game with a cool double-blind setup.

This was an interesting Plancenoit scenario I took part in, led by the fun-lovin' boys from Jersey.  An interesting scenario, with a long, thin table that turned our battle into a meat grinder, just like the historical one.

My troops. I led the French vanguard. My job was to hold off the French long enough for my fellow players to occupy the village and bring up the guard. I was kinda successful, but history is not kind to speed bumps.

Prussians on the ramparts!

The village that was the focal point of the battle. Anyone who says that the Prussians just showed up at the last minute to carry the day needs to get a taste for the bloody combat that went on here.

We're in the village. To keep the battlefield tidy, I eventually routed all of my cavalry off of it.

I had to leave early to help Joe set up his game, but here is how I left the battle, with my lines staring into the legions of landwehr bearing down on me...

On Saturday afternoon, I helped Joe Alexander (of Ambler Gamers) set up and run a Spanish Civil War scenario.  We used a simplified version of Bolt Action that guaranteed a fast, bloody game. Just the way we like 'em. 

I got to contribute my 28mm MBA Spanish houses, including a barn I had picked up from their clearance table the day before. The houses were objectives, and most changed hands several times in the course of the game.

Communist militia backed by the Soviets face of against Falangists backed by the Nazis. Who are we supposed to root for again?


Our mascot! 

The Foreign Legion creeps toward an objective.

Nationalists allocate resources.

And Republicans surge forward.

Things start to get hairy around one of the objectives. Both sides waited until they were very close to open fire, guaranteeing lots of casualties.

The other side of the table saw more armored action, with vehicles and troops swarming around the church.

The International Brigade comes knockin'.

The saddest little piece of artillery in the game.  Pinned, shot up, and immobilized.

The final assault on the church. It changed hands three times in the last turn.

A crazy-looking game involving a raid on an airfield in North Africa.

Those who don't like Zombies at Historicon may avert your eyes.

My last game, the Attack on the Kashmiri Gate, led by Roxanne Patton. Some terrific terrain designed and built by none other than Ambler Gamers' own Scott Washburn.

The British and their Sikh subjects prepare to leave the Customs House.

My command--disorganized Mutineers.

Roxanne and my opponents discuss the assault.

My guns did their best to keep the British off of the breach.

Not going to happen.  I was not able to take advantage of the bottleneck.